Why You Should Propose To Your Man.

Why You Should Propose To Your Man.

It shouldn’t be embarrassing to us that women are beginning to propose to their men because in my opinion i do not see anything wrong with that.

Of course not all men want to be proposed to, so pardon me as i drop a few reasons why you as a lady should propose to your man.

“Give us that GENDER EQUALITY”;

In a meeting i was asked why it is right for a woman propose to her man, i smiled.

The lady was anticipating in anxiety to listen to what i was going to utter. Then I began,

“Women have always wanted Gender Equality so why not? I further explained my point that if as a woman or lady you think “women” should be permitted the right to do what a man does then why not in the proposal aspect?”

Unarguably, most women feel like they are being restricted and denied the right to get involved in certain activities. If you want that “Gender Equality” then why not? 🤷🏾‍♂️

“What a man can do a woman can do better”;

Lol! In my opinion, majority of the women today believe they can do better than what a man can. So therefore, if you have this believe in you that you can actually do better than what a man does then you should do a better proposal. Abi na? 🤷🏾‍♂️

Knowing his intentions;

Before it gets to the appropriate time for marriage, i am sure that the both of you would have spent a couple of time together, long enough to understand each other, and also long enough to know that you both want that same goal (marriage).

So in my own opinion, if you know he’s intention is to get married to you then it shouldn’t be a bad idea to propose. Moreover, you both know you want to get married to each other.

Same goal, same team, just a different scorer.

The Unconfident One;

Are you wondering why he still hasn’t made the move yet? Well, this was one of the few points given to me by a Relationship Expert. According to him…

“because a man haven’t proposed to you yet doesn’t mean that he’s not interested”.

He further stated that it could be as a result of being unconfident, or because he isn’t outspoken as you are. So if you have that courage to propose to him, then why wait for him?

Build your own relationship.

Break the law, think outside the box;

When you propose to your man, you’re simply taking a big first step. You are thinking differently regardless of what people would say, it is a prove that you are taking ownership of your life and your journey through it. So permit me to say that it’s about knowing what you want and feeling strong enough in yourself to just go get it.

Mind you, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. If you still feel you shouldnt propose to your man then fine.


Women Are Better Leaders Than Men

Few days back, three of my friends and i were at a bar having a couple of bottles as we discussed. Suddenly, Emem came up with a question not in anyway related to what we were discussing. He asked, “Do you think women make better leaders than men?” (Wow!)

We all took a pause for a few seconds before Sam broke the silence with his annoying laughter. Tk wasn’t with us anymore. Excessive consumption of beer had taken him to another realm.

For me it was a question i never expected, yet a quite interesting one. Yes! i answered.

I never felt like i betrayed my fellow men and the whole manhood stuff. I had reasons for my “yes”.

So in my opinion, i believe women would really make better leaders than men and here are my 5 reasons.

Women listen.

Women are great listeners. I believe that women are born with a natural understanding that God gave us.

When someone speaks to them about something important, they tend to show more interest than the men. Women really want to hear what the other person has to say and be there for them in their time of need which makes an excellent quality in a leader.

Women are accessible.

Accessibility in the sense that woman are very easy to approach. Being a better leader, you should have an open mind and heart.

Like my Pastor would say, “women are more proficient at being open, because of their motherly instinct and desire to provide for others”.

Women collaborate.

Women have a genuine passion for working with others. They like to share ideas and come up with solutions that will be effective for everyone involved in the process. As a leader, one must be good at giving every team member a chance to speak their opinions and be a part of the conversation not leaving anyone behind.

Women focus on personal growth.

From my point my view, women are more of readers and learners than men. They are interested in finding ways to continuously improve our personal skills and dont you ever forget the popular saying “behind every successful man lies a woman”.

Women motivate.

I would say that women are born cheerleaders. They are really interested in knowing what motivates people into action and are always excited to give out words of encouragement. This is one of the major reason most children will always give credits to their mother instead of the fathers.

With these few points, i do not condemn the men neither did i say that men are not competent enough to be better leaders. I only think that women CAN actually be better leaders if given the room for it. It is my opinion.

Afterall, I believe we are all entitled to our opinions.



Isolation, thou thought was best for thyself

But Lo, thou lacketh wisdom, misleading thyself

In recent discovery, thou hast swim’th in depression, replenishing thyself with mental stress.

Now the world sucks, as lo a mouth to one’s breast

Neighbors turneth foes in thy sight

Family turneth foes in thy sight,

no help, no help…

as he thinketh that the world’s against him,

Isolation, thou thought was best for thyself

But Lo, thou lacketh wisdom, misleading thyself.

Write My Wrongs? Or Right My Wrongs?

Dear ❤️,

The countless times i treat you like shit got me soliloquizing – is it love? i was lost

If i was to give account of every pain i inflicted on you, i would exhaust

But then I realized how…

How every time i think of you, like it’s a hobby

I cause you alot n just say sorry, but you still wouldn’t mind treating me like a hubby

I know it hurts, more than getting hit by a lorry

True! they say love is blind, but whose vision is blurry?

You? For enduring the pain?

me? For inflicting the pain?

My heart i open for you to come through like a passage

Ignore the rhymes, i hope you get the message

i know i dive into conclusions, thats jus how weak i am

Countless times, sleepless nights reminiscing ’bout the times we used to talk more..now this is how sick i am

It’s really hard – I can’t take my mind off you

Inn a good way; you’re pretty bad – I want the whole world to know that i love you

My wrongs i write

But i promise to do things right

Let’s hold hands, pray together n grow in spirit

Be good. Save this piece. I pray that you read it.

Yours Truly.

Dark Mind Of Man

As huge as he is, he entered. “Oooh yeaa” hot like ice in there. Yeaaa slippery. Choking her as he gripped her by her neck. Inside her, as a Tsunami.

A little part of the pure colored cloth covering the bed turns red… Oops blood!

She is innocent.

Little by Little, Slowly and Deeper he went. She felt the pain, she felt the pleasure…but her reason? “I am only doing it for love”.

Almost there he said, as he was cupid with the arrows he shot in her.

Tears of love rolled down her cheeks like motor wheels on the ground. Fear came in, questions began to pop out, hoping she wouldn’t regret as it was her first time.

She is innocent.

But Lo! his mind murmured the truth in silence… “na to jus chop you clean mouth”

My Critical State Of Mind

(Based on true life story)

Should i give up or should i not.

It’s 1:30AM here,im still up, deep in thought.

My worries are gone,but the love is not.

Emotions are driving me crazy,im on my way nut.

Its hurts but same time keeps me strong.

Im holding my heart for you,you prolly gon change your mind..i hope im not wrong.

Its pretty hard to say bye.

Naaaaah..i’d rather die!😒

Caricature art by me

The Visitor

Yes he is a genius

He breaks hearts, he comes to take us

He doesnt need an invitation

He comes anytime,no terms n condition

but one thing is…

he doesnt like to go “empty handed”

Good thing is..he’s not like your politicians,he sees everyone equal,no partiality..

he is all sided

Nobody knows when he would visit

They only hope he comes at the right time, but who knows the “right time” to visit?

How soon is the right time?

How convenient is the right time?

How prepared are you for the right time?

Is your “right time” actually his right time?

You dont know what the future holds

We only pray to live old.

Before i forget..

to mention, he is DEATH

Let You Go

My thoughts are driving me crazy, im way too weak indeed

i dont want to let you go

Your smile flashing towards me,my heart beating faster than Barry Allen’s speed

i dont want to let you go

I think of that time when we will have to say bye

And all i can do is simply cry

But then,

I don’t want to let you go.. To never know the way I feel

You may think I am kidding,

But it is actually real

I cry when I think about leaving you

In the place I always knew

If only I could muster the courage

And say, “I love you.” But the thought always scares me

What if you don’t feel the same way?

I will always love you

Each and everyday

Even writing this now

I know I have to let you go

Though only one regret

You will never know

The only thing left to say

I don’t want to let you go

But years after this day

I will still love you so….(To be continued)